‘MEHOV furriers can do literally anything with fur, from repairs and alterations to new bespoke full fur coats, toys, and homewares. Once experiencing our services and seeing our quality, clients become our family. ’ - Helen Kotsar.

Upcycling old fur is making a responsible harmless choice and taking responsibility for today’s environmental issues.

We perform top-notch quality work at RE-STYLEing and RE-PURPOSing old fur garments and give them a new spark of joy.

Restyling fur - remodeling fur into completely new silhouettes, styles, creating new garments using fur from your old garment.

Repurposing fur - we use your fur coat wisely to create home accessories ( cushion covers, blankets, rugs), stuffed toys; bags, scarves, mittens, etc. Basically, we find a new purpose for your old fur coat.

Why choose MEHOV for upcycling your fur?

  • We thrive on the longevity of fur and its amazing ability to be reinvented again and again throughout generations.
  • We have a team of professional passionate furriers who knows exactly how to do magical transformations to an old fur
  • We work with clients worldwide online
  • We ship pretty much to every part of the world.
  • We have mastered combining our fashion and furrier knowledge and we believe that we’ve created a bespoke combination of skills that consistently lead to very successful results.
  • We take up to 14 days to complete orders.
  • We handcraft our garments
  • We have worked on over 300 fur garments over the last years, including work for many other furriers and fur brands